Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Interior wood work with carvings

Traditionally Kerala houses had interior wood work done with wood carvings by skilled artisans. In the earlier days house was built with wood, brick and clay tiles. Content of wood was very high as the cost was not high.Arappura, Pathayam, Machu (sealing between tiled roof and Room space) were all done by wood and mostly teak wood. Verandahs and living halls were having round pillars in woodof rosewood or teak with decorative carvings on top and bottom
Even today this wood work and carving work is used in high cost houses being built in Kerala with all the beauty and splendor of yester years. Some of the wood work now being used can be classified into following types
1. Charupady for sit out and balcony (Fully covered and partially covered)
2. Wood paneling of wall on either side of main door which can be opened as two parts to either side with carving work and possibly with pictorial lock like manichitrathazhu
3. Wood paneling for round pillars inside the house
4. Wooden flooring
5. Wood paneling with top carving work for inside room walls
6. Decorative cots in wood with designs similar to cots of old Kings
7. Stair case posts with carving
8. Cup boards and sofas with carved back rests
9. Modular kitchen with wooden cabinets for storage and proper keeping of kitchen utensils and tools(This is a modern day addition)
10. Wood carved Mukhappu above tiled slope roof
11. Wood carved Thoomanam
12. Aattu Kattil


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